I love Dr. Silver!! I came to her about a month ago with a goal of losing 20 lbs. In about 2 weeks, I had lost 5-6 lbs and I'm on my way to becoming so much healthier! Dr. Silver always has a new workout for me to try, and modifies workouts to fit my body as needed. She encourages me to try harder exercises too! When I first came to her, I could only do about 5 modified pushups and now I'm doing 2 sets fo 10 regular pushups!


I was first a chiropractic patient of Dr. Silver when I felt better I became a personal training client of hers. Her training sessions took me out of my comfort zone. I had to focus on overcoming my fear of injury by learning the proper methods of weight training. She gave me the confidence that I could rebuild my body. I believe in what she stands for. I have more will power and energy. She keeps me focused and never lets me give up. I consider her my Doctor, my personal trainer my coach and my friend. I haven’t felt this good in 4 years.


Dr. Silver is a wonderful personal trainer! She is warm and and friendly which makes her a pleasure to workout with. She has helped me get into shape and tone up my entire body! An added benefit, is that since Dr. Silver is a chiropractor, she has an intelligent perspective and real knowledge about how the body works. Before beginning my workouts with Dr. Silver, I was experiencing pain in my lower back and hamstrings which resulted from a previous sports injury. After consulting with Dr. Silver through a chiropractic appointment, she helped me identify that I had a weakness in my lower back. As a result, Dr. Silver gave me a regimen of daily lower back strengthening exercises which have completely alleviated my body pain! Dr. Silver has also taught me about good and bad foods to eat and has inspired me to make better daily food choices.

Donna N.

I've known Dr. Silver for over 6 years now. I first started with chiropractic and she helped me tremendously. Soon after that I began personal training with Dr. Silver. During that period of time I started losing more weight than normal and it was she that suggested I could be having thyroid issues. She was right on target and a few days later, after testing I was diagnosed with Graves disease. She continued to help me train during that difficult period and tried to boost my confidence through encouragement and proper nutrition . Now, at 57 years old I am back in training again so that I can feel positive and fit and toned. Each week I look forward to my training days with Dr. Silver and her friendly staff. If anyone is looking for a great trainer or chiropractor, please see Dr. Silver.


I have been training with Dr Silver (In the Zone) for about 9 months now. I just can't say enough about her and her staff. I have lost a lot of weight and inches and learned how to eat healthier. Not only through her program but also through her and her staffs consistent motorvation and enthusiasm towards my personal goals. In the zone came highly recommend through a close friend and I couldn't be happier with my decision to pick up the phone and make that first step towards my healhier life style. Everyone there has now become good friends and looking forward to continuing this jorney with them !!!


I have known Dr. Silver, since 2006. During, the six years she has helped me transform my body and changing my body in ways I have never thought possible. Dr. Silver's one on one personal training and attention really helped build my confidence and her friendly knowledgable staff truly understand how to build a successful weight loss plan with amazing results. I feel so fortunate to them for everything they have done for me.


Dr. Silver has been both my chiropractor and my trainer for over 7 years. I have a neurological disease similar to MS, and she has helped me both physically and emotionally throughout my struggle. Her encouragement to keep moving, along with her expertise in chiropractic and physiotherapy, has helped me to maintain functions that most patients with my illness would have lost years ago. Her positive spirit is contagious and her compassion for others shows in her caring and generous bed-side manner. She has made a wonderful difference in my life, and I’m sure she’s changed many other lives as well—always for the better!


Marisa and I met at a children's birthday party of a mutual friend about a year ago. We had instant chemistry, and it feels like we have known each other forever. Our children currently attend nursery school together, and I have gotten to know her on many different levels. I can honestly say that she is an exceptional individual. Marisa is the perfect example of a woman who "does it all". Not only is she able to balance being a full time mom and run a successful business, but she puts 100 percent of herself into everything she does. The positive energy she exhibits in both her personal and professional life is contagious and motivating.


I have been working out with Marisa Silver as my trainer for going on two years now. I get so many compliments on my weight loss and newly developed muscles! Just as important to me though is that Marisa has quickly become an inspiration, a cheerleader of mine in both the health and fitness area and in life in general, and a friend. In addition to being the best trainer anyone could ask for, Marisa is accommodating to ever changing schedules and needs, and she always provides an interested, understanding and sympathetic ear concerning what her clients are experiencing in their lives. So much more than a trainer, there is no one else that could possibly compare!

Christopher T.

When my girlfriend first told me about Dr Silvers place i was a little unsure of it because I am use to the gym environment. However once i got there i changed my mind completley. We do boot camp on Saturdays and by the time we come out of there my legs feel like jello- it is a great feelin knowing your body was just pushed to its limits in a work out. I have lost 4 inches around my stomach and thighs- everyone has noticed my transformation. At this point i have lost 12 pounds . I only go once a week but I am given tips on what I can do on my own during the week which has been helping immensely. Dr Silver and her staff put you in such a postive mental state after a workout ! I am going to continue with Dr Silver and her staff because I am loving my results. I feel healthier and have so much more energy now.


I have been training with Dr Silver since October 2011 and i cannot believe the difference that I see in my body . I love going to her facility her and her staff are excellent to say the least . She works out all of your problem areas as well as directing you in healthier ways of eating and living. She is guiding me in achieving my greater goals in fitness that I didnt even know were possible. Dr Silver is helpig me to get my body to where it should be! She motivates me and i have such respect for her work ethics. I am so happy Dr. Silver is part of my weekly routine. I actually get excited about working out now and that in itself is amazing to me.

Nicole M.

This is the most positive environment one can go to really get themselves back on track and feel good again! I have been coming here for a few years now, and I have always had the best time while working out very hard. I am the type of person who doesn't like to work out but Dr. Silver completely changed that, she is the most upbeat, inspirational person I have ever met, and I look forward to getting stronger and pushing my body to become even better.

Theresa S.

I was reluctant to come to a trainer at first. I was the typical "I can do it myself" type. I could not have been proven more wrong. After gaining 100+ pounds over 10 years, Dr. Silver helped me out of the rut I was in. She is a very positive influence who always has a kind word to say. I am glad to have signed up with Dr. Silver. I feel like I'm on the road to wellness with her! -Theresa S.

Robyn M.

Having my son was one of the biggest joys of my life. However a 50 lbs weight gain was not. After 4 years of struggling to shed the “baby weight” and numerous failed attempts at fad diets, I decided to seek out a personal trainer and Nutritionist. Even from our first conversation on the phone, I knew Dr. Silver was the right trainer for me. I have never met a trainer that has such dedication to her profession and her clients. I have only been working with her for 10 weeks and I have already lost 15 lbs and have taken more than 8 inches off my arms, hips, legs, and waist. Dr. Silver’s friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! I would have never thought in a million years that I would actually enjoy and look forward to exercising. Dr. Silver did not put me on a diet. She simply educated and coached me on the nutritionally correct way to go about making a healthy life-style change. In just this short time, I have learned how to make healthier food choices and I am much more conscience about how much I consume on a daily basis. Since working with Dr. Silver, I not only have gained my confidence back, but I have had many complements about the way I look, my energy and my mood. In just over 2 months, She has changed my life more than I could ever have imagined. I will continue to work with her even after I reach my goal. I would recommend Dr. Silver to anyone, and actually, I already do to my friends.

Felicia E.

In The Zone Fitness, a great place to get in shape! Dr. Silver is very friendly and extremely helpful. I have had several surgeries and injuries over the years and gained a lot of weight due to that. I almost gave up until I met her and her staff. They are very positive and caring. They all turned me in the right direction. I have a wedding coming up and am not worried as I know they will get me back into shape despite all the obstacles that were in my way. The gym is very clean too, which is important. I really appreciate how caring and professional the office is. Thank you Dr. Silver and Staff for making my weight loss goals attainable!

Kelly R.

Thank you!! ITZ for LIFE!! <3 Unmotivated, lazy and HATED working out. That was me and then add to it the fact that I was getting married 9 months later. In walked my sister with a personal training gift certificate to Dr. Silver. Kind, understanding and AMAZING was Dr. Silver and her staff. I was so nervous about going and I was greeted with a friendly smile by her whole staff and ways to help get me motivated. Nine months later, I was a beautiful bride wearing my wedding gown that they had to take in 4 INCHES!!!!! Through Dr. Silver and her staff I was able to feel happier about me and learn some things on fitness and nutrition. Here I am two months after my wedding and I am still in love with ITZ. Their classes are fun and exciting and I don't think you'll find me anywhere else. You guys are all amazing and it is truly a joy and I look forward to coming to you every week! Thanks for all you do!! It is appreciated so much!